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Dear Parents & Students,

Welcome to our 2013 / 2014 season! It is our practice, that we recommend that all students (with the exception of Hip Hop ) take at least one ballet class per week.

Although some students feel that ballet is not their first choice or personal strength it is the basis of good dance technique regardless of the style of dance being performed. Ballet helps to develop coordination, good posture, self control and discipline along with development of proper muscle strength and tone. We are so excited about the possibilities with our facility and the opportunity for our dancers to get to the “next level”. Though we support each student in reaching their own personal goal towards dance all of our students should strive to be the best dancer they can be. To use a sports analogy − taking ballet is like performing drills at each practice − you can see the difference at the game. Ballet gives the student the skills they need to execute the moves.

For those students interested in further focusing on dance, the Academy is currently scheduling weekly ballet and pointe technique classes. In addition, master teachers will guest teach classes throughout the school year. It will be mandatory for students interested in being a member of the “Dance Company” or “Competition Team” to take at least one ballet class (classical or lyrical) per week and all girls taking pointe to take two or more ballet classes a week after “intro. to pointe” has been taken. This is an important issue as pointe work requires additional muscle strength and conditioning and proper placement which will be better developed with additional ballet classes.

We have several schedule options of classical and lyrical ballet classes to accommodate personal preferences and busy schedules. Performance in the ballet recital routine will not be mandatory for students who would prefer to opt out. Considering that all classical dance forms are based on ballet technique, we feel that it is important for students to be educated in basic ballet.

This past year we participated in a local dance convention and dance competition and had an educational and successful experience! Company Members who are interested and participate in all subjects of dance and demonstrate their commitment and love of dance will be considered. Please inquire if interested. Summer classes are also strongly recommended! Our intention is to recognize the extra effort some of our students display and nurture their love of dance and determination to excel in their dance subjects. Attendance will also determine eligibility!

Please refer to the 2013 / 2014 class schedule to choose the class or classes that work best for you.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us, we welcome your feedback.


Miss Seanna & Miss Susan
A Performing Arts Academy

I have read the above ballet requirements.


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