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French company Mash is one of the leading examples of a new wave of fashionable European brands that import affordable lightweights built in China, but with a british retro style currently in fashion. The Fifty 50 is its cheapest 50 and has a single-stroke single-stroke air-cooled engine, a four-speed manual transmission and large 18-inch wheels that give it a great bicycle presence. Not particularly dynamic or innovative in any way, it`s at least cute and affordable. Colwyn Bay Honda is a family-owned and trusted Honda dealer with over 40 years of experience in North Wales. NEW HONDA CRF50F Honda`s oldest off-road model. With its key ignition, the CRF50F opens the door to endless sensations and Yamasaki is a long-standing motorcycle manufacturer that sells motorcycles worldwide, as you can guess from the name they are a UK, you must meet the following requirements to ride a 50cc motorcycle: the main thing that makes it legal for road traffic, is the size of the engine. If you were to buy a 50cc moped, you would buy (in addition to our 49cc range) the smallest road-legal engine in the UK. You are not allowed to drive on the roads with anything below the 49/50cc range. Other than that, you simply wouldn`t have the speed and pace to be able to ride safely with other cars and motorcycles. As is common with larger sports bikes, the Spanish company Rieju also makes a “naked” version of their RS3 50cc Sportster called “NKD”.

With the same Yamaha Minerelli 50cc engine and six-speed gearbox, as well as much of its chassis, the NKD is not only more usefully cheaper than its sporty siblings, but also more beginner-friendly as it`s straighter and more practical – something not to be taken lightly when starting on two wheels. While 50cc motorcycles don`t usually break the bank, even if they`re new, there are still good reasons why you should consider a used 50cc motorcycle. These include: Lexmoto Diablo 50cc automatic scooter, excellent condition, 2021 model with only 2828 miles of new. The scooter works and rides perfectly and can be driven on a TCC from the age of 16, which we can also arrange and deliver to the test cent New in 2017 is this Colt 50 from the Chinese manufacturer WK Bikes – and if it sounds familiar to you, we are not surprised at all. Clearly inspired by Honda`s hugely popular Grom/MSX125 Monkey Bike, the Colt is an ultra-cute and easy-to-ride mini-motorcycle powered by an air-cooled four-stroke engine and featuring a tubular lattice frame and LCD dashboard. Not much good, certainly, over a certain distance and without the quality and details of the Honda, but it`s tempting cheap. Whether you`re looking for a sexy sportsman, a cheeky supermoto, a trendy retro hipster, or just a simple and affordable roadster to start your life on two wheels, now is the time to put the PS4 away, turn off Netflix, skip Instachat, and do something much cooler and more exciting instead. Italian experts Aprilia are the undisputed kings when it comes to 16 sports bikes, and the RS 50 is their latest and greatest. In short, the RS has it all: a suitable aluminum double-spar frame; inverted forks with a monoshock rear; Liquid-cooled two-stroke engine and all dressed in a sleek body that would be easily confused with that of its big brother RSV4 Superbike. Of course, all this is not cheap and it is not, but the Sport-16-ers do not become more desirable. To drive a 50cc moped, you must be at least sixteen years old. We cannot sell you a moped without proof that you are sixteen years old.

You also need to focus on getting the right license, otherwise you won`t be able to start driving at all. In addition to sports bikes, nothing whistles more than a Supermoto, so of course Aprilia more than please. His SX50 is the epitome of the breed – that is, a straight motocrosser, but with road wheels, tires, brakes, etc. – but based on the same highly specialized roller chassis as its RS 50 sibling. This means that the SX has an identical double-spar aluminum frame and a liquid-cooled two-stroke single-cylinder engine, but with conventional Marzocchi forks with longer displacement at the front. Again, the SX isn`t cheap, but the Supermoto 50s aren`t any more attractive. If you can keep this in mind, you can avoid making a mistake and driving dangerously. With a 50cc, it`s best to stick to places like cities or small roads.

You need to be able to clarify that with a top speed of 30 miles per hour, you can`t just accelerate away from danger. For this reason, we recommend if you want a 50cc moped homologated for the road, make sure it suits you. Road traffic law is often a confusing and unnecessarily complex term. With Direct Bikes, we find that most people can be quite confused by the term “road-legal”. What constitutes the right of movement, for example? New bikes are plus OTR fees, new stock now! 12 months warranty on parts and work, red black or blue black, please call for more details 0121 743 3506,, WE ARE OPEN, CONTACTLESS DELIVERY OR CLICK AND COLLECT AVAILABLE!! Opening hours: Mon: 09:00 Make sure you are someone who will ride in the places where a 50cc should be. If you have to cross the highways day in and day out, you may find that our 50cc range is simply not fast enough for you. Here is our beautiful condition Sym Symply 50cc in red with only 8172 miles. The bike is equipped with a rear luggage rack and is equipped with a 12-month fresh TÜV. Historic British brand AJS may no longer produce top-notch sports bikes in the UK – those days are long gone.

Instead, similar to Mash and WK, it offers a range of fairly simple light weights, built in China with a generally British retro style. However, its 50cc offering is a sporty two-stroke Supermoto with a six-speed gearbox and gloomy style pockets and all at a decent price. Yamasaki ym50-re Euro 5 spec 50cc sports bike in good condition the bike was barely used and is only 12 months old, very low mileage 1100, only. There is a long tradition of starting motorcycling at the age of 16, and the same is true today. And while many choose to wait until the age of 17 for the larger and more exciting selection of 125cc machines you`re then eligible for, there`s still a decent selection of 50cc/30mph restricted machines that 16-year-olds are eligible for under the current AM license restriction. Yamasaki now has its 50cc range for 2022F30 sports commuterF50 Naked Sports BikeF60 Retro Cafe RacerYM50-10 Super SportsBike Features49cc 4-stroke 4-stroke fuel injectionEFI fuel injectionDigital DashFront and rear disc discsRetro StylingThe bike is available in MATT BlackPRE-ORDERS ARE NOW ACCEPTED FOR JULY DELIVERY £1749+ OTRMainland UK DELIVERY available at great pricesCALL 01908 319889 for more Lexmoto is a UK resident brand that has become an impressive success by offering a number of light weights and scooters built in China, but according to their own specifications and style. The Hunter 50 is its entry-level model and is a very simple, air-cooled four-stroke roadster, albeit with a useful speedometer, fuel gauge, luggage rack and center mount. But what it lacks in style, it more than compensates for in value. The former editor-in-chief of Bike, former editor-in-chief of MCN`s test drives, has ridden more bikes than he can remember. Mag: GTS, Paso, Mantra.

Dislikes: own rust bucket LC and 900 T-Bird daily driver. Japanese company, founded by Mr. Yamasaki, but like most, produces its bikes in China to reduce costs. We are the official distributor in the UK for this brand and your purchase directly from the importer, so we can offer this bike at an incredibly low price. But it is also important for us to know that our 50cc road bikes are not only affordable to buy, but also to race. They are very cheap to walk on the roads of the UK as they have a mileage of 100mpg and above. This means that even in the narrow cities of the UK, you can still find that you spend much less on gas than you have ever done with a car. Yamasaki now has its 50cc range for 2022F30 Sports CommuterF50 Naked Sports BikeF60 Retro Café RacerYM50-10 Super SportsBike Features49cc 4-stroke4-speed manual transmissionEFI Fuel injectionHinterior carrierfront disc brake cast alloy wheelsWedry is available in Graphite Grey or RED£1599+ OTRMainland UK Shipping at great pricesCALL 01908 319889 for more information Mash`s latest addition is about as cool and fashionable as bikes 50cc and Proves that even if you`re limited to performance from 30 mph to 16, you certainly don`t have to compromise on style. With a flat track style reminiscent of Ducati`s Scrambler, the Dirt Track features an air-cooled four-stroke engine and a dual-shock chassis that perfectly matches the look, a center kickstand, spoked wheels wrapped in large tires, and even a USB port in the digital display to charge the 16-year-old`s important phone. With a 50cc road bike, you can know that you have a vehicle that is 100% ready to be driven on the roads of the UK. Just decide which of our fantastic models you would enjoy the most.

So why not take a look at our growing collection of scooters today? Like its compatriot Rieju, the Spanish company Derbi has a long history for racy lightweights, whether sports bikes, trailies or supermotos, and the same is true today.