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The rules of sport hunting in Quebec are updated and published every two years on April 1. It contains the information that every hunter needs to know: the times at which hunting is allowed, the catch limits, the weapons allowed, the necessary permits, the basic rules, etc. If the animal is slaughtered in the spring, hunting under this permit may continue in the fall for young and adult animals until a second bear is slaughtered in areas where regulations permit. In 1976, under public pressure, René Lévesque`s government abolished the clubs and bought a large part of the territory. Public access to land in the domain of the State was then greatly facilitated by the creation of game reserves (1979), controlled exploitation areas (1978) and outfitters without exclusive rights or otherwise restricted by lease. The area will be gradually decomparated by 2013[4]. This government action, combined with the improvement of purchasing power and the large wildlife population, has produced a real hunting industry and culture in Quebec. In 1983, the Act respecting the conservation and management of wildlife was adopted by the National Assembly of Quebec. If he wants to exercise his privilege of hunting antlerless deer without obtaining his own licence, he must first apply for a certificate confirming that he has a licence to hunt white-tailed game without antlers (draw) by calling 418 521-3960. At the same time, MP Sylvain Roy tabled a petition in the National Assembly against the legalization of squirrel hunting. The 1,690 signatories of this petition argue, among other things, that “the majority of hunters practice hunting as a recreational activity and already have the right to kill many animal species” and that “the squirrel is a major player in the balance of forest ecosystems through its transplantation of cereals and the degradation of wood”. The teenager is the winner of a female moose hunting license obtained by random draw. But he wants to hunt under an adult`s regular license instead of getting his own license.

If they want to exercise their privilege of hunting female moose without obtaining their own licence, they must first apply for a certificate to confirm that they have a female moose hunting licence (draw) by calling 418-521-3960. The child performs the activity under the frog hunting permit, hunts with a bird of prey or sneaks in with an accompanying adult who carries the appropriate permit. The child may also be accompanied by the spouse of the holder, who is at least 18 years old. The spouse must be in possession of the corresponding permit. Sport hunting is an increasingly popular activity in Quebec. In addition, the law recognizes the right of everyone to hunt. But we have to get it right. And there are several! Quebec is divided into 7 districts and 29 zones (28 for hunting and 1 for fishing). [13] Hunting grounds make it possible to control the wildlife population by ensuring the sustainability of the species.

Some areas are themselves divided into sectors, such as The De Weh Sees Indohoun territory in Area 22, to protect local ecosystems. Before the age of 12, it is possible to obtain a “hunting initiation permit” to accompany a hunter who is at least 25 years old.[10] In 2019, the Conference Board of Canada released a study quantifying the economic footprint of fishing, hunting, trapping and sport shooting in Canada[1]. The think tank`s publication breaks down the economic side effects of various activities for each of Canada`s provinces and shows that hunting and trapping contribute $1.074 billion to Quebec`s gross domestic product[1].