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All the laws contained in Al Meezan have contained changes since 1961, whether due to their articles or other laws. The portal offers all authentic, up-to-date and reliable versions of the legislation published by a team of experts from the Ministry of Justice. The portal contains different sections for different legal documents: laws, contracts, judgments and opinions. It also includes a comprehensive glossary of legal terms. People with visual and hearing impairments can access the portal. All files are available in text and audio format, the portal contains all the legislation in force, as well as the amendments and laws repealed since 1961, as well as the case law of the Court of Cassation, classified and indexed by the Technical Office of the Superior Council of the Judiciary. Al Meezan has a subscription newsletter, the Official Gazette. Six issues are published each year and are available in Arabic and English. Try it: contactcenter@almeezan.qa Al-Meezan is the official portal for the publication and dissemination of all Qatari official newspapers, which since 1961 contains the laws, rules and regulations of the State of Qatar and allows citizens, residents, ministries, institutions and investors to browse all legal information in the State of Qatar and promote foreign investment by directly establishing the legal framework for doing business in the country represent. Qatar Legal Portal (Al-Meezan) is a comprehensive website that contains valid, amended and repealed laws since 1961, as well as judicial decisions of the Court of Cassation that are classified, indexed and contain principles extracted by the Technical Office of the Supreme Judicial Council. The portal also contains legal opinions issued by the Department of Legal Advice and Contracts of the Ministry of Justice, as well as specialized legal references. The Al-Meezan portal aims at this: the portal offers the possibility of an “advanced search” in laws, related laws, contracts, decisions, opinions and references, in addition to a simple and thorough search. The portal has interfaces in Arabic and English.

With the exception of a few files, all legal information is available to Arabic and English readers at the time of submission of this report. “Al Meezan complements and directly builds on ictQATAR`s integrated government program and is a cornerstone of the growing national digitization project and enrichment of Arabic digital content,” said Hassan Jassim Al-Sayed, Assistant Secretary-General for Government ICT Programs. “It is also an important step towards strengthening genuine legal competence in Qatar, as well as raising citizens` awareness of their rights and obligations and the different ways in which they can make a political, social and economic contribution to their country.” Al-Meezan creates a valuable contribution to the broader vision of ictQATAR digitization with added value by expanding Arabic digital content on the Internet with an English translation of the legislation. For more information, see: www.almeezan.qa Mobile users can access Al Meezan on both iPhone and Android systems. The portal works best with phones with larger screens. Al Meezan is a crucial step in the implementation of the open access policy in the State of Qatar to ensure government transparency and wide access to all legal documents accessible to all in Qatar through its user-friendly web interface. With only about three percent of Internet content in Arabic, finding credible, useful, and trustworthy content in the language is a tiring task that can sometimes be frustrating. But when it came to finding Arabic digital legal documents, it was almost impossible to find something timely, complete, and official that truly reflected the legal landscape of some countries. This will change in Qatar as the country launches its first online legal portal, giving many Arab countries an example of how governments can enrich Arab digital content by providing open access to their laws, regulations and laws – an important addition to Arab web content. Recently launched by ictQATAR and the Ministry of Justice, Al Meezan is the single portal for all legal documents of the State of Qatar.

ictQATAR and the Ministry of Justice will launch Qatar`s legal portal “Al Meezan”. Here are the top 10 things you need to know about Al Meezan:.