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Only the use of “safe and healthy” fireworks is permitted in the Town of Woodland. This means that fireworks must bear the seal of the state fire marshal. All fireworks that fly through the air, fly over the ground or explode are considered illegal in California. However, it`s also important to remember that while fireworks are “safe and healthy,” that doesn`t mean they can`t start fires — it means they`re less likely to start fires because they`re more controlled. Fireworks can cause not only fires, but also serious injury or even death if not used properly. Anyone who owns fireworks that are not of the “Safe and Sane” variety, such as fireworks, bottle rockets, mortars, Roman candles, or anything that flies/shoots in the air, can be cited with a fine of at least $500 and up to a year in the county jail. The amount of the citation can be up to $50,000, depending on the amount of illegal fireworks in possession. “We all know people who kick these illegal fireworks a big shot and set them off and think it`s a fun time, but the fact is, it`s not fair to have fun at the expense of others,” Stalled said. “We have people in our community who are a little less emotional, and that`s very troubling for them.

Probably all pets in the city suffer terribly from these explosions. The new regulation allows staff to impose fines of up to $1,000 on people who own real estate or host a gathering on public or private property responsible for extinguishing illegal fireworks. Officials currently have to monitor someone who is holding the illegal fireworks or turning them on before they can issue a quote. Another person was fined $1,000 Sunday night after a community member obtained a report of illegal fireworks near W. Beamer Street and Bright Day Avenue. In November, the city passed a new host liability ordinance, which allows administrative quotes to be issued to landlords, tenants and hosts who shoot illegal fireworks, the message said. “Half of all reported fires in this country are the result of illegal fireworks,” Zane said. “In 2020, an estimated 16,000 people were hospitalized because fireworks were broadcast in their presence.” Related Articles30 October 2021 Woodland City Council Discusses Fireworks Ordinance Woodland City Council has discussed the introduction of a “host social responsibility” ordinance that would allow fire departments, law enforcement agencies and law enforcement agencies to hold individuals responsible for unloading illegal fireworks. The Woodland Police Department reminds all residents that illegal fireworks are not allowed in the Town of Woodland after serving two quotes over the weekend. The ministry is asking residents to call The Non-Emergency Dispatch at 530-666-2411 if illegal fireworks are lit in your neighbourhood and the area, location or residence can be identified. Shortly before midnight, police said they spotted the fireworks near West Beamer Street and North Ashley Avenue. WOODLAND, Calif.

(KTXL) – A man was named by the Woodland Police Department as allegedly lighting firecrackers from the air Monday night. He added that the police department has collected a list of places and addresses where it has received complaints about illegal fireworks over the past year. YOLO COUNTY, CA — After two years of record wildfires, Californians are rightly nervous about the dangers of fireworks. The risk of fire is high on July 4, and that`s why even safe and healthy fireworks are illegal in most cities in Yolo County. Kaff said he hoped the order would go into effect before New Year`s Day, the second highest day of the year of calls regarding illegal fireworks. (Woodland, Calif.) – As the fourth of July approaches, the Woodland Fire Department, in collaboration with the Woodland Police Department, is searching for illegal fireworks that could cause serious injury and pose a major fire hazard. He recommends people download an app called “Nail `em” — available for iOS and Google Play — that allows people to report the possession, sale, or use of illegal fireworks in their communities. Police and firefighters began conducting illegal fire patrols last weekend, which will continue throughout the holidays and the following days after the holidays. A dedicated team of proactive officers and fire investigators will be on duty to respond to fireworks and disturbance calls. Several illegal fireworks have already been confiscated. Quotes are given to anyone who uses, manufactures, sells, buys or is in possession of illegal fireworks. Still, there are a handful of communities throughout Yolo County that allow the use of safe and healthy fireworks under certain conditions.