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Working with a fully licensed mobile bar company in your state ensures that your event, venue, and customer service meets your state`s legal requirements. A mobile bartender must have a liquor license to accept money to serve alcohol. This liquor license must be related to their business, or it can be provided by the place where the bartender works. For example, California, New York, Ohio, and Texas won`t give you a liquor license if you operate a mobile beer bar, so you can`t sell liquor from a mobile beer bar in those states. This is due to the “mobile” part of your business. These states want you to stay in a static place if you intend to serve. However, this does not mean that your business idea is out of the window, as you can still edit private events. Here`s the problem: Liquor and mobile bar sales services like them aren`t legal in the state of Florida. Art. 68 – Portable bar license These licenses are granted to holders of a general license for sale and allow the sale and service of beer, wine and distilled spirits from portable bars. Each portable bar must be allowed and can be moved to different rooms or areas of the authorized premises. Given this, do you need a license to be a bartender in California? In California, there are no state regulations that require a waiter or bartender to be licensed to sell alcohol. Regardless of state regulations, some employers may still require bartenders to complete a bartender training program or course, such as: The Alcohol and Drug Licensee Education Program (LEAD).

“No, you don`t need a license to operate bartenders, but what bartenders need is L.E.A.D or servesafe certification. So, no to a liquor license for bartenders, but yes, there is certification that might be required. This can be a 2-hour online course to educate the certificate holder on the legal and safe portion of alcoholic beverages. There is a lot of responsibility with such a responsibility, so it is advisable to have all employees and partners certified. There is a lot of good information in such classes to detect tricky situations in advance. “Of course, there are exceptions to each rule, including banning Florida`s beverage laws on the sale of mobile alcohol. Some licenses allow the mobile sale of alcohol, such as: Alcohol catering by a quota licensee (see Florida Quota Licensed Liquor Catering) or a licensed liquor caterer (see Cooperation with Beverage Caterers). But the limitations of these exceptions are important and place them in a very different business model from our fictional mobile bar described above. When it comes to permits with local laws, this is where the legal process for a mobile bar begins. Usually, government permits can be issued in connection with the required license.

This can be very true from South Carolina to Georgia and Tennessee. Do your research and we wish you good luck!! Disclaimer: We are not lawyers and this article does not constitute legal advice. Always check local and regional guidelines for the latest regulations for alcohol sales and service in your area. I recommend memorizing this short statement as many people will come to ask you how you do what you do. It`s easy for people to misunderstand this fact because most places that serve alcohol by drinking also have liquor licenses (restaurants, bars, hotels, etc.), but the fact is that as long as you don`t collect money in exchange for alcohol, you don`t need a liquor license. Most mobile bars earn their money exclusively from fees for the service component of bars: construction, breakdown, bar maintenance, supply of bar tools, coolers, ice cream, etc. However, there are two options for an “R” licensee to use a mobile bar, the PLCB says. These licenses are the same as those used by food trucks and other vendors at trade shows and outdoor concerts.

At this point, the company is legally allowed to operate wherever it wants. The bartender/business owner should know that they need to make sure that any event they are hired for does not violate the terms of their license. Second, there is nothing to prohibit the use of a mobile bar by the holder of a licence for special occasions or a catering permit outside the premises, as long as the mobile bar remains on the property covered by the licence. Have you ever wondered if mobile bars are legal in Pennsylvania? Well, we have the answer for you, directly from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. Introducing the bar into your mobile bar store can be the biggest headache of all! But these are the questions we answer again and again for our Tap Truck family. Another fun is building your Tap Truck mobile bar vehicle, but it`s a story for next time! Just to say this here at the beginning, it`s a link to start the conversation with us to join the ever-expanding Tap Truck family: Tap Truck Business Opportunities As with any other company, there will also be legal issues that you will need to resolve.