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Burma has experienced a long period of turmoil under a military government that has only recently been replaced by a democratically elected leadership. The previous regime disabled most of the country`s means of communication to prevent the leakage of information and images of the conflict between the Burmese army and dissidents. In recent years, Burma has made great efforts to build its infrastructure and adopt reforms to ease restrictions. Satellite phones were previously banned without a license. Restrictions have been eased in recent years and travelers have not reported any issues, but you should check with the Myanmar Embassy first. As with any device that hasn`t quite violated common usage, the satellite phone is full of legends and mythologies. People who don`t understand how the technology works think that satellite phones have almost magical properties, which means that misinformation is abundant outside of normal users. Here are some of the most common myths that have no basis in reality. India strictly bans all satellite phones except those using the Inmarsat network, and permission must be obtained in advance from the Ministry of Telecommunications of the Government of India. Foreigners who possess an unauthorized satellite phone are arrested. There are several cases where authorities have seized undeclared satellite phones from foreign travelers upon arrival in India. The official notice states: “All foreigners traveling to India are informed that it is illegal to use/wear Thuraya or other such satellite phones in India.

The Indian customs authorities can confiscate these phones and take legal action against the passenger in question. In 2012, the Civil Aviation Authority sent a memo to all Indian airports to arrest passengers with satellite phones. Several OSAC members reported lawsuits against their travellers, including arrests, hearing dates, fines and seizures for possession of satellite phones. As in the United States, ignorance of the law is not an acceptable defense. Since the U.S. government has currently issued a travel advisory before visiting North Korea, you may never have considered it a destination. It almost goes without saying that satellite phones are illegal in North Korea and devices of all kinds are monitored and searched. Satellite phones are banned in North Korea, and a number of devices are subject to surveillance and search because there is no right to privacy in North Korea. Note that the U.S.

government has issued a travel warning against North Korea. More information about traveling to North Korea can be found here. It is illegal to own a satellite phone in China, and GPS devices are also often viewed with suspicion. However, China`s cellular and internet coverage is very good, even in remote areas like Tibet, and buying a SIM card for your stay in China is easy. However, keep in mind that many Western websites are blocked, including Google and most social media. If the country you wish to travel to allows satellite phones (and most do), please contact Outfitter Satellite for help choosing the right satellite phone for your needs. However, satellite phones should not necessarily replace mobile phones or other more common means of communication, as their use has several disadvantages. There may be restrictions on access and/or use at the national level, they do not systematically offer daily internet access and data speeds similar to smartphones, and they need a line of sight to orbit satellites to operate effectively. Interiors of buildings or vehicles, areas near tall buildings or dense vegetation, deep valleys or gorges, and heavy cloud cover can hinder satellite communications. Potential users of satellite phones should also take into account the geographical coverage of a provider; the cost of the handset and calls, which generally exceed traditional mobile phones; and transmission delays, which increase as the distance between the user and the satellite increases. The Cuban Customs Department includes satellite phones and related technologies, as well as most electronic items, in its list of prohibited items. Satellite telephones may be illegally shipped or imported into Cuba without the authorization of the Cuban Ministry of Informatics and Communications.

The hypothesis is that satellite communication technology is used for subversive means and can lead to arrest and imprisonment for espionage. For the user, a satellite phone works almost in the same way as a mobile phone. Don`t be intimidated. If you need to make a call, simply turn on the phone, then dial your number and click “Send”. The antenna is larger than a cell phone, but that`s about the only difference for the user. When someone calls you, the phone rings and you simply click on the answer. You will need to give your satellite phone number to your friends in the United States so that they can call you. There`s also voicemail, so you can leave your phone off to save battery life and check voicemail every day. Satellite phones have been proven to facilitate communication to remote destinations, making the devices ideal for wilderness adventurers, cruise ship employees, emergency preparedness and planning teams, or staff working in remote locations. Although satellite phones are legal – and even encouraged – in most countries, OSAC members should pay attention to destinations abroad that regulate or prohibit their use.

The following report provides information on the limitations of satellite phones and serves as a general resource for using (or not using) satellite phones abroad. A satellite rental phone will always keep you in touch when traveling to Russia, Australia or China, as long as you are outside away from large structures and trees. Our Iridium satellite phone rental can even keep you in touch when you`re on the move across the oceans or poles. Iridium provides a service to users who need access to communication to and from remote locations where no other form of communication is available. If you`re planning a trip to Antarctica, don`t worry, just rent an Iridium satellite phone and stay in touch. The prices are inexpensive and make it affordable for anyone to rent a satellite phone if you`re traveling off the cell phone. Never leave the house with one. The Iridium satellite phone rental unit can provide you with service worldwide. You can rent satellite phones virtually anywhere in the world as long as you are outside. Globalstar satellite phone rental offers an affordable price for calls to the United States during international travel.

Journalists and other media personnel may have their equipment, including satellite phones, released in advance. A licence from the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka is required. Most people take the time to weigh the pros and cons of different carrier plans, but unfortunately, this doesn`t always apply to satellite phone plans.