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Thank you James; We do our best to inform, but as you can imagine, we are not lawyers and we have to tell you “officially” that we are not allowed to give you legal advice. Only a Rhode Island lawyer or paralegal can tell you for sure! Cheers, J. Iowa bans ballistic knives. In addition, it is illegal to hide tragedolches, switching blades, balisongs, camouflaged knives and all with a blade larger than 5 inches. Blades that are more than 5 inches long can lead to a crime. I don`t know if Alabama`s knife laws have changed; But when I lived in Birmingham from 2007 to 2011, online retailers refused to ship Bowie knives to Alabama, saying it was illegal to ship them there. Whenever I wanted to add them to my collection, I had to have them shipped to my family members in Georgia, and then pick them up every time I visited them, like on Thanksgiving or Christmas. All knives can legally be carried openly, but daggers, Bowie knives and anything with a blade larger than 3 inches cannot be hidden. These knives also cannot be sold to minors without the permission of a parent.

All schools are weapons-free zones. Knives in New Jersey are legal for anyone who has not been convicted of a violent crime. In addition, people with mental illness are not allowed to own knives. Possession of a knife for illegal purposes is also illegal. Knives are limited to educational goods. Knives with blades between 5 and 10 inches in length can not be sold to minors. Camden has restrictive regulations on switching blades and the carrying of concealed weapons. Thanks for the article. I didn`t know what was legal and what I couldn`t wear.

In Alabama, most knives are legal, including OTF switch blades. The only restrictions are for Bowie knives, which cannot be transported hidden outside private property and stored in cars. Montgomery County has a limit on 3-inch knives. Otherwise, everything in your pocket is legal in Alabama. Not all dangerous weapons are allowed on school grounds. All knives are legal in Nebraska, with the exception of convicted offenders, refugees, or people with a history of domestic violence. All knives under 3.5 inches in length can be carried hidden. Lincoln and Omaha have stricter knife regulations. It is up to school districts and officials to set boundaries or expel students who carry a knife on school grounds Knives with ankles (see above) and tomahawks (see – Section 46.01(1)) are not legal in Texas.

Anyone under the age of 18 (or older) can carry a knife less than 5.5 inches long almost anywhere. If you are under the age of 18, you can only carry a knife with a blade larger than 5.5 inches under certain conditions, such as when you are accompanied by an adult or at home or on the way home. However, any adult can carry any knife larger than 5.5 inches other than in certain restricted places (see below). There are some restrictions on locations (hence the term “site-restricted knives”). You can`t carry a “site-restricted” knife (blade more than 5.5 inches long) to the following locations: Utah has no restrictive knife laws, but restricted one that can legally possess them. Anyone convicted of a crime, suspended sentence or illegal status is not allowed to possess a knife. Knives are not allowed on the school grounds. Only a few ballistic knives and throwing stars are illegal in Kansas. Ballistic knives are not completely illegal, but knives with the ability to projectiles are. Throwing stars refer only to stars, not knives or other disposable weapons.

Everything else can be worn, openly or secretly. Kansas law specifically prohibits students from owning circuit blades or an automatic knife. All knives are legal in Texas unless they are more than 5.5 inches long. Knives of this length are subject to limited knife positions. These include schools, government buildings, race tracks, airports, correctional facilities, sporting events or performance venues. Churches, psychiatric hospitals, hospitals and amusement parks are also restricted. Minors are only allowed to carry this knife size under certain conditions. Any knife under 5.5 inches can be carried open or concealed. Knife laws can vary greatly from state to state, from size and type restrictions to the legal status of the owner. Switching blades are legal in most states, since you comply with existing laws.

While knives can be useful tools, they are also dangerous weapons and should be handled with caution and caution. It is legal for minors under the age of 18 to be in possession of a knife with blades less than 4″ long, as long as it does not have an angular blade. It is illegal to own automatic knives, switching blades, and Balisong knives in Maine. Daggers, stiletto heels, knives over 3 inches long and anything that is considered a dangerous weapon cannot be carried hidden. Knives are not allowed near schools. The U.S. government enacted a law in 1988 banning blades after a murder case in which a person used his blade to attack his victim, resulting in serious injury. This ban led Rhode Island to make its own switching blade law after noticing that other states had already made theirs obsolete. Most knives are legal in Florida, with the exception of ballistic knives. Ballistic knives refer to knives ejected with a trigger or button, including some knives with a switching blade.

Ordinary pocket knives and tools under 4 inches are legal to hide. No knives can be transported near schools. It is illegal to carry a knife with you in Rhode Island if it is not your person. This means that you need to have the knife in a pocket or sheath, on your leg or in something other than your hand. As a Rhode Islander, I know that double-edged swords are not legal in this state. I do not see that in your analysis of rhode Island`s knife laws. Just curious. (2) Are Balisongs aka butterfly knives legal to wear? Most knives are legal in Indiana, with the exception of throwing knives and ballistic knives. It is also illegal to hide the carrying of an authorized knife except to bring it to school. Knives cannot be sold or passed on to drunk people. Cars are legal.

It is not allowed to carry this type of open or concealed knife. They also cannot be transported in vehicles or school zones. Detroit and Lansing have additional regulations. (3) As long as the blade is less than 3 inches, can it be legally concealed? The map of the maximum legal length per state is incorrect. NYS has NO length limit. This is New York City and other communities. There is no state law in books that limits the length of blades in New York State. Again, these are local laws. South Carolina does not restrict the possession of any type of knife, but you cannot carry Bowie knives, fins, daggers, balisongs or any other hidden dangerous weapon. Charleston forbids knives larger than 3 inches from being hidden.

Columbia and Greenville prohibit the concealment of all dangerous weapons and completely ban city switch blades. What about carrying it in the car? Say. A knife that you can legally open but is locked in your glove box? Not on the person or hovering loosely around the car. I want to emphasize with the West Virginia article that we now have constitutional harbor laws that allow any West Virginia citizen to hide any lethal weapon that they would normally be legally authorized to possess. This applies to weapons, knives, blunt weapons and anything that is legal to possess and considered a lethal weapon. In Massachusetts, there is a restriction: “It is illegal to carry, open, or hide switching blades, dirks, daggers, stiletto heels, ballistic knives, double-edged knives, and ankle knives.” Does this apply to switching blades that open in a circular motion? In Illinois, the only knives generally prohibited are ballistic knives, throwing stars, or other buttons that are supported. However, automatic knives and offset blades can be purchased with a weapon license. Knives are not allowed in schools, social housing, courthouses, public transportation and in any place that serves alcohol or sells tickets. Chicago has additional regulations prohibiting the sale and use of knives over 2 inches in length by people under the age of 18.

Since switching blades can be worn discreetly and used quickly, they are particularly effective for self-defense. However, some criminals have also used blades for nefarious purposes, which is why their legality is so controversial. Here`s what you need to know about the legality of Switchblade in your state. Hawaii prohibits all switching blades. Balisongs and possession of gravity meters can be a crime. All other types of knives are legal to own and carry. Only knives with ankles are illegal to hide. There is a zero tolerance policy for knives on school grounds. Some people also believe that banning blades would increase violence by diverting criminals from other types of knives and weapons.

All knives in Oklahoma are legal to own. However, you cannot open dangerous weapons such as Bowie knives, Switchblade knives or daggers or carry them hidden, which also applies to weapons in vehicles.