Introduction To Movement & Dance ( 1st Year ) – 30 Minutes

This class is designed to familiarize the 2 year old student who loves to dance & sing with the classroom environment, work on basic concepts such as balance, stretching, listening and moving to music, and basic coordination skills through fun songs and dance games. The class also introduces work on tempo and rhythm of music and some basic ballet steps and movements.

Terrific 3’s – 30 minutes

This 30 minute class is designed for 3 year olds who have the attention span and ability to participate in a class that is starting to get a little more advanced.  It incorporates some basic ballet and dance skills and activities along with toddler tumbling which everybody loves!

Fabulous 4s & 5s (Pre-Ballet & Toddler Tumbling) 60 minutes

This class is an opportunity for 4 and 5 year olds in preschool to learn pre-ballet and toddler tumbling while they hop, skip, jump, roll and work on flexibility, coordination and basic ballet & tumbling skills. A fun class for all!

Ballet & Tap K (Kindergarten) 60 Minutes

This class works on all of the above skills and also focuses on elementary ballet & tap steps and movements, introducing new ballet & tap terminology, and learning about self-expression in dance. Students are encouraged to participate in free dance exercises where they listen to music and get to make up and take a turn performing their own sequence of dance steps. The progression of the class is always age and attention span appropriate!

Mommy or Daddy And Me – 45 Minutes

This class is an adult assisted class designed to familiarize the very young student (12mos.-2.5 or 3) with the classroom environment, work on basic concepts such as balance, stretching, listening and moving to music, and basic coordination skills through fun songs and dance games. As the child reaches the age of our pre-school classes and is ready to be on their own (with the advice of the instructor) will transition into an independent class on their own.

Tumbling All Grades — Beginner – Intermediate – 45-60 Minutes

This class works on basic to intermediate tumbling skills. Stretching, balance and conditioning will be focused on to develop tumbling skills that can be incorporated into dance class and recital routines.

Ballet: Levels I – Advanced

Students start off by learning the most basic steps and terminology, and progress to advanced combinations and routines. The study of classical ballet technique has much to offer students. This includes the development of self-discipline, good posture, grace and poise.

Lyrical Ballet: Intermediate And Advanced Levels

Lyrical dance incorporates both ballet and jazz technique. Through lyrical choreography, the dancer tells the story of the music he/she is dancing to. Along with developing strength, flexibility, control, and balance, emphasis is placed on emotional and expressive qualities.

Pointe: Intermediate And Advanced Levels

Students who are at least 11 years old, who have been dancing at an intermediate level for at least 2 years, with the advice of the instructor are able to start taking pre-pointe classes in ballet slippers or pre-pointe shoes and then eventually, lessons on pointe. Pre-pointe will then transition into full pointe classes. Pointe lessons are in addition to ballet classes, and it is also recommended that at lease one additional ballet class be taken in conjunction with the initial ballet/pointe class taken weekly if the student decides she wishes to progress in this field. The ultimate goal of this study is to take all of the learned ballet skill, coordination, balance and technique to the next level by doing much of the dancing on the tips of the toes while wearing special “pointe” shoes. The instructor will determine when the class will perform a routine on pointe, which is often the second or 3rd year of pointe classes.

Tap: Levels I — Advanced

Students learn beginner, intermediate and eventually advanced tap — steps, terminology, combinations and routines throughout their years of tap training.

Jazz: Levels I — Advanced

In jazz class, students work extensively on stretching, balance, technique, and learning about styles of jazz that are demonstrated in combinations and routines.

Hip Hop

A very popular dance form at this time, hip hop (also known as funk) builds strength and stamina. Along with jazz technique, hip hop also incorporates body isolations which help build coordination and rhythm. Music used is contemporary and top 40.

Leaps & Turns (Intermediate – Advanced)

A technique class designed for intermediate and advanced students to focus on developing strength and technique for basic to advanced leaps and turns. A complimentary class that is suggested to be taken in addition to jazz and lyrical classes.

Contemporary – Intermediate & Advanced Level

Contemporary dance is a fusion of ballet, jazz and modern dance styles that uses interesting and interpretive moves and combinations to portray a character or tell a story through dance.

Soaring Stars

A dance program designed for children with special needs or learning differences ages 3-8. During this class, your child will learn how to express themselves through creative movement. This will enhance your child’s motor skills, improve health, increase flexibility, develop confidence, and expand social skills. Wear comfy clothes to dance in and socks.

Boys Hip Hop/ Boys Tumbling

Boys Hip Hop classes & Boys Tumbling classes are 2 separate classes each for boys ages 5-10 years old. In hip hop they will learn the latest hip hop moves and have fun dancing in a non-judgmental environment. In tumbling, the boys will get a good hour long work out learning tumbling technique, while working on strength, coordination, conditioning and stretching.

Dance Team

At APAA we now have 6 competitive dance teams; mini, petite, apprentice, junior, senior and premier that range from ages 7-18. We are entering into our 7th season with 6 very successful prior seasons. Students who are serious and want to push themselves to the next level can be considered for membership in one of our dance teams. Must attend one of our summer intensive workshops to be considered for dance team membership in the fall!


Not all classes are offered every season! Please check the schedule page : Click here for schedule page

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In 2006, A Performing Arts Academy became the realized dream of Susan Byrne, former Owner/Director of Dance Exclusive in Swampscott and Seanna Chmura, 3rd generation Owner/Director of The Deane School Of Dance in Salem. They created the academy with a singular goal: To teach children and young a warm, friendly and encouraging environment.