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You just looked at a monthly invoice that was recently sent to a client for a matter you`ve worked on almost full-time. You notice that the supervising partner has taken over the credit for your work product and billed it at their hourly rates. Their time is almost entirely up and with it any hope of a bonus. What are you doing? This course explores the real-world dilemmas faced by new lawyers in their day-to-day practice in private law firms. It also touches on the ethics of the Public Prosecutor`s Office. It examines the interaction of model rules, professionalism and business reality, while being ethically correct does not necessarily equate to professionalism. The course is interactive and requires the active participation of each student. Readings include Legal Ethics: Law Stories and articles and hypotheses published on C-tools. Executives from the profession will act as guest speakers.

The course will not review all model rules and is not intended to be an introduction to the multinational professional liability examination. Examples: Ethics Regulation Provisions of the Ethics Policy Charter League publications: Michigan Municipalities Handbook of Ethics Misconduct in Office – One Pager Plus Fact Sheet Standards of Conduct – A Pager Plus Fact Sheet Contracts of Civil Servants – A Pager Plus Fact Sheet Incompatible Public Offices – One Pager Plus Fact Sheet There are two state statutes that include Michigan`s primary local government ethics regulations: the State Ethics Act and PA 317, which deals with public procurement. In addition to these state laws, Home Rule allows Michigan communities to align ethical standards with local needs and expectations. Anyone can make appropriate regulations for a particular community to promote public confidence in public servants and in government. Elected and appointed officials, staff and volunteers can rely on this established framework within which they conduct their government activities. State Laws: Act 196 of 1973 – Standards of Conduct for Public Servants and Employees (State Ethics Act) Law 317 of 1968 – Contracts of Civil Servants with Public Institutions For details on course hours, days of the week, instructors and marking and exam details, check out the Michigan law course calendar.