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Paulsen`s rule: Enter a so-called contest and be on the sponsor`s list of lifelong fools. A bathroom hook will be loaded on the last seat as soon as it is available. This also applies to highways, closets, playgrounds, downtown hotels, taxis, parking lots, wallets, wallets, bags, etc. The list is endless. Lieberman`s Law: Everyone lies; But it doesn`t matter, because no one is listening. Vile`s Law of Communication: No one listens until you make a mistake. The more you complain, the longer God lets you live. Murphy`s Fourteenth Law: If something can`t go wrong on its own, someone will let it go wrong. Martin`s Universal Law: Nothing is ever so good or so bad that it cannot be extended to be more.

Weinberg`s First Law: Progress is made every other Friday. If everything seems to be going well, you`ve obviously missed something. Rahilly`s Law on Academic Administration: Remember that not all faculties have all their faculties. Nowlan`s conclusion: Following the path of least resistance makes people and rivers twisted. Murphy`s Sixth Law: If you realize that there are four possible ways that a procedure can go wrong and get around them, then a fifth way will immediately develop for which you are not prepared. Keep in mind that half of the people you know are below average. No matter which way you`re driving, it goes up and against the current. Result: If there`s a worse time for something to go wrong, it will happen. Woodward`s Law: A theory is better than its explanation. Welding`s Law: Repetition does not establish validity. Jones` Law: Anyone who makes a significant contribution to a field and stays there long enough becomes an obstacle to its progress – in direct proportion to the importance of the original contribution.

Cohen`s Law: People are divided into two groups—the righteous and the unjust—and the righteous are divided. Hodge`s Sermon: There comes a time in a man`s life when he must rise above principles. Grelb`s law of error: In any series of calculations, errors tend to occur at the opposite end from which you start checking. Eklunds` law: The probability that an event is a coincidence decreases as the number of coincidences surrounding the event increases. The probability of someone believing that a single event is a coincidence increases as the number of coincidences surrounding the event increases. Nolan`s observation: The difference between smart and stupid people isn`t that smart people don`t make mistakes. They just don`t make the same mistake over and over again. When you give change at an ATM, the coins fall nearby, while all the other coins roll out of sight.

Ferris` foam: Whatever their mistakes, the communists never made people laugh at the box. Given the most inopportune time when something goes wrong, it will happen. Murphy`s statement on the power of negative thinking: It`s impossible for an optimist to be pleasantly surprised. Morton`s Law: When experiments are performed on rats, they develop cancer. When he moves, greet him; If it does not move, pick it up; If you can`t pick it up, paint it. If only one price can be obtained for an offer, the price is unreasonable. Firestone`s prediction law: Chicken Little only has to be right once. Laocon`s Law of Incredible Generosity: Don`t look at a gifted horse in the mouth, but look for Greek soldiers elsewhere in its anatomy. Never play card tricks for the group you are playing poker with. Law of invisible phenomena: The absence of evidence is not a proof of absence. If you don`t succeed at first, you destroy all the evidence you`ve tried.

Abilene`s paradox: People in groups tend to agree on courses of action that they, as individuals, know are stupid. If you are doing immense work on a problem, the answer can be obtained by a simple inspection. Jaffe`s commandment: There are things that are impossible to know – but it is impossible to know these things. Forty-third law of computing: Everything that is written. The politician`s rule: In politics, you can often be wrong, but never doubt. Kling`s contrast: statesmen tell you what is true, even if it may be unpopular. Politicians tell you what`s popular, even though it may not be true. Ryan`s Law: Make three correct assumptions in a row and you will establish yourself as an expert. A man begins to cut his wisdom teeth when he bites more than he can chew. Result: Every teacher assumes that you have nothing to do but study for that teacher`s course. Spark`s Law of Irrepressible Use: When a person has something, they feel compelled to use it, even if it`s not necessary. Examples: The child who receives a hammer uses it.

The person who gets the authority will exaggerate it. Make him foolproof and someone will make a better idiot. The laws of Arnold`s documentation: 1. If it exists, it does not exist. 2. If it exists, it is obsolete. 3. Only unnecessary documentation goes beyond the first two laws.

Van Roy`s Law: Honesty is the best policy – there is less competition. Bogovich`s conclusion to Mr. Cooper`s law: If the play has no meaning without the word, it will have no meaning with the word. Ornithologist`s theory: One good tern deserves another. The most dangerous thing in the world is a lieutenant with a map and a compass. Second Law of Holes: When a boss digs into a hole, all subordinates are supposed to intervene with him. The principle of spare parts: The accessibility in the recovery of small parts that fall from the workbench varies directly with the size of the workpiece and vice versa with its importance for the completion of the work in progress. Murphy`s law of selective gravity: An object falls in such a way that it does the most damage.

First Law of Scientific Progress: The progress of science can be measured by the speed at which exceptions to previously applicable laws accumulate. First postulate of the thumb: It is better to solve a problem with a rough approximation and know the truth, plus or minus 10%, than to demand an exact solution and not know the truth at all. A memorandum is not written to inform the reader, but to protect the writer. Sagan`s mistake: To say that a human being is nothing but molecules is like saying that a Shakespeare play is nothing but words. An expert is the one who predicts that the work will take the most time and cost the most. Glyme`s formula for success: The secret to success is sincerity. As soon as you can fake that, you did it. Dr. The return of Caligari: A bad sector disk error only occurs after performing several hours of work without performing a backup. Law of laboratory work: Hot glass looks exactly like cold glass. Paul`s second law: The sooner you fall behind, the more time you will have to catch up. Finagle Rule: Teamwork is key.

This allows you to blame someone else. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. As soon as the stewardess serves coffee, the airline enters the turbulence. George`s lament: The only exception to the rule that what goes up must go down is suspension. Murphy`s Laws of Progress: The Course of Progress: Most things get worse. The path to progress: A shortcut is the longest distance between two points. The dialectic of progress: Direct action begets direct reaction. The pace of progress: Society is a mule, not a car.