Pre-School Program

Our pre-school program is made up of a series of classes (Intro. To Movement & Dance, Terrific 3’s and Fabulous 4s & 5s which is a pre-ballet & toddler tumbling combo and a combination of a few others) that are designed to give young children 2-5 years old an opportunity to dance, sing, hop, jump skip, tumble and have fun in an environment that is safe, nurturing and stimulating. Focus is on basic movement and ballet with work on coordination skills to music with singing and dance “games”. Musical instruments, scarves, wands and wings are always a treat and a favorite. Never a dull moment in these classes!

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In 2006, A Performing Arts Academy became the realized dream of Susan Byrne, former Owner/Director of Dance Exclusive in Swampscott and Seanna Chmura, 3rd generation Owner/Director of The Deane School Of Dance in Salem. They created the academy with a singular goal: To teach children and young a warm, friendly and encouraging environment.