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Suicide hook models from size 1/0 for little fingers to size 5/0 for large snapper are recommended. The best times would be early morning and evening, although snapper can also be caught throughout the night. Medium-sized soft plastic baits made of minnow or shad are also very effective on snappers. Current Season and Regulations The 2022 Red Snapper Private Season will begin Friday, May 27 in state and state waters. The season only takes place on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) with a daily catch limit of three fish per person and a minimum total size of 16 inches. Snapper fishing is the largest recreational fishery in New Zealand. It is the main target species on the north-east and north-west coasts of the North Island and is seasonally aligned around the rest of the North Island and the tip of the South Island. Golden snapper grows very slowly and reaches a maximum length of 55 cm with a lifespan of 30-40 years. Trawled surveys of Hauraki Gulf and Bay of Plenty in 2019 and 2020 to estimate the frequency of young snappers. Fishing NZ. March 2021.

NZSFC – The graphs on pages 70 and 76 are useful. The resumption of the series of trawl surveys in the Gulf of Hauraki and Comblent Bay could make it possible to monitor the relative frequency of age classes over 2 years, including snapper recruited, with reasonable accuracy. In the Gulf of Hauraki, the estimated snapper biomass was 20,618 tonnes (CV 13.6%), while in Plenty Bay it was 2824 tonnes (CV 8.9%), an increase of 139% and 87%, respectively, since the last survey in each area. Terminal equipment and platforms As for the size of the track, I like the easiest way to fish directly up and down the current. A good rule of thumb is 1 oz for each foot of water. Snapper from Tasman Bay/Golden Bay and the west coast of the North Island grow faster and reach a larger average size than elsewhere. The average weight of a 16-inch snapper is about 3 pounds, according to Tim Broom of Half Hitch Tackle. However, most of the red snapper that has hit docks in recent days are 5- to 8-pound horses without being keepers. Some have even reached size XL: 20 pounds or more. The Knocker Rig – Popular for hanging small snappers, the Knocker Rig is a great choice for fishing near wrecks or directly above reefs.

This platform uses a barrel turner and an egg reducer. Attach the main leash to one eye of the running vertebra and a five- to 10-foot guide with the hook in the other eye. There are 6 fisheries management areas for snapper. Each zone has a different catch limit. This changes depending on the health of snapper numbers and the impact of fishing on them. The government has announced that the daily bag limit for snapper for recreational anglers will increase from nine to seven. You can report poaching, suspicious or illegal activity online: Age composition of commercial snapper landings in Snapper 1, 2017-18. September 2019. NZSFC – The age distribution of catches for SNA 1 bottom longline fisheries in 2017-18 has remained wide since the last sampling year 2012-13, with good representation in almost all age groups up to 20 years, resulting in high estimates of average age: East Northland (9.9 years), Hauraki Gulf (10 years), Bay of Plenty (8.7 years). East Northland remains the only stock with a high percentage of snapper aged 20 years or older. The annual harvest of snapper for Maori purposes is not known. A minimum size of 25 cm applies to commercial catches of snapper in all areas.

The minimum size restriction (MLS) for recreational catch varies from region to region. In SNAs 2 and 8, the MLS is 27 cm, in SNA 3 and 7, the MLS is 25 cm. Since 2014, the minimum legal size for recreational capture of snapper in the Snapper 1 management area is 30 cm. The first commercial total allowable catch (TACC) for snapper was established in 1986 when they were introduced into the QMS. TACs and value adjustments for stocks have been made in recent years and have varied according to the sector of management. Golden Snapper has delicate white to pink flesh with a sweet and sweet taste. It can be cooked in virtually any way or served raw as sashimi. If you catch a fish that is too small, remember to release it carefully so that it survives to reach a larger size.