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2024/2025 Season – Tuition: All Lessons Are Payable In Advance – NOT REFUNDABLE!!
Yearly Dance Class Registration Fee: $60.00 per family which includes a spring recital 2024 download – NOT REFUNDABLE!! Yearly Dance Team Competition Fee $300 per student!

Always Check Our Website And / Or Facebook Page For Updates And For Studio Or Class Information!

The tuition is based on a full year (September – April). You may choose the payment schedule that is most convenient for you. Single lessons for currently enrolled students are $25.00 per lesson and $35 for new students with that fee transferable towards registration if enrolling. If registering after the first week of dance classes or if students are sick and miss a lesson or lessons, make-up classes are available. Please speak with one of the directors or instructors to make arrangements. Dance Team tuition and fees are in addition to tuition listed below. Please contact us for any further questions on team rates and fees.

Weekly Classes Pricing

Number Of Classes Per Week   – Per StudentFull Year2 Payments (Auto pay required)8 Payments (Auto pay required)
1 Class Per Week (Hand in Hand or Adult)$125
1 Class Per Week$880$440$110
2 Classes Per Week$1408$704$176
3 Classes Per Week$1728$864$216
4 Classes Per Week$2048$1024$256
Unlimited Class Rate$2400$1200$300

Dance Team Tuition in addition to above class tuition (also see additional team fees below)

Mini Team fee - $150, Petite / Apprentice Team fee - $250, Junior / Senior / Premier Team fee - $350
Mini $150, Petite / Apprentice $250 additional fee
Junior, Senior, Premier additional fee - $350
Dance Team Tuition
Full Year2 Payments (Auto pay required)7 Payments (Auto pay required)
Mini Team
Petite Team
Apprentice Team
Junior, Senior, Premier Group
($35 yearly discount on additional group routines)

Small Group Routines
(per class)
Production Routines$350$175$50.00


This year ALL families will be required to have a debit/credit card on file and pay monthly auto-pay unless other arrangements are made!  After the first month of classes, any family not successfully charged on auto-pay will be assessed a $25 monthly service fee. A lot of extra book-keeping is involved when accounts are overdue and individuals need to be contacted individually. 

Payments may be made by cash, check or cc online on or before their due date.

If payment (other than auto pay, which is 1st of the month) is not made by the 7th day after it is due, all cards on file will be charged and a $5.00 service fee will be charged.

There will be a $25.00 returned check fee for all returned checks and for any declined cards. Student’s registration and their class attendance will be put on hold until accounts are brought current.

Students choosing to withdraw from a class or the school must do so in writing or their accounts will continue to be charged.


All students participate in the recital unless parents request (in writing) to decline. A deposit of $55.00 per costume, per student, per class is due on or before the week of October 1, 2024. Unless otherwise stated, all students should give 1 deposit per class that they attend weekly (2 class combo $75/ 3 class combo $125). Final costume balances will be given and due in December before vacation. Costumes will not be ordered without payments. Costumes will not be distributed if balances are due. We ask for costume deposits to be made by cash or check.

Annual Spring Dance Recital at Marblehead Veterans Middle School PAC
Date & Times TBA

VACATIONS: There will be vacations in Nov. – Dec. – Feb. – April. Dates will be posted and announced.
REGARDING STORMS: If there is no school in Salem, there is no dancing school. Students coming to late afternoon classes and Saturday or Sunday rehearsals should always check their e-mail before coming on snowy or icy days. The studio will not call you if a class has been canceled, so it is always best to send an e-mail if the weather is in question.

Miss Seanna: or Miss Susan:


The recital is held at the end of the dance season. It is a wonderful experience for all who participate! If you wish your child to participate you will need to purchase the appropriate costume that is provided by the school and tickets to attend the performance.  Unless informed by a parent, we assume all students are participating in the recital. Please reach out to us by November 1st if your dancer will not be in the recital.

E-Mail List

Please make sure you give a current e-mail address to be added to the e-mail list to stay informed throughout the year!

We try to make dance class a rewarding experience for everyone. We provide an atmosphere so that all of the students can progress at their own speed, and create a positive self-image. We also try to make dance class as enjoyable and fun as possible! If anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us any time. Please visit our social media sites and join our mailing list!