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The Africa Free Trade Agreement 2021 is set to revolutionize the economic landscape of the African continent. The agreement, signed by 54 African countries, aims to create a single market for goods and services, free movement of people and capital, and a customs union that will promote economic growth and development.

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The agreement has been hailed as a historic milestone for the continent, as it is set to be one of the biggest free trade areas in the world. The agreement is expected to boost intra-African trade, which is currently low compared to other regions such as Europe and Asia. The agreement will also promote industrialization, create job opportunities, and reduce poverty.

The Africa Free Trade Agreement 2021 PDF provides the legal framework for the agreement. The PDF document outlines the objectives, the rules of origin, the dispute settlement mechanism, and the institutional arrangements of the agreement. The PDF document also highlights the benefits of the agreement and the steps required to implement it.

In conclusion, the Africa Free Trade Agreement 2021 is a game-changer for the continent. It presents opportunities for African countries to trade and invest with each other, which will lead to economic growth and development. The PDF document provides a comprehensive guide to the agreement and is available online for those who wish to learn more.