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So there are often many laws and regulations that overlap and even conflict with each other. It is not surprising that many laws and regulations are repealed by judicial institutions. Therefore, it must be recognized that the role of the authors of laws and regulations is not only a processor of sentences, but must also understand social issues in order to create good regulations, namely regulations capable of promoting social change in society and creating order, justice and security. Source: www.buktihukum.com/2020/03/legal-dranting.html The most important thing in the process of forming a law is the preparation of laws and regulations. The preparation of laws and regulations begins at the preliminary design phase, the design phase, the discussion phase, the determination phase, the promulgation phase, the implementation phase and the evaluation phase. These different phases obviously affect many professions, one of which is that of legal writer. Legal writers usually refer to writers and designers who work in government. On the contrary, the experts responsible for assisting the members of the House of Representatives and the Regional Representative Council are commonly referred to as legal drafters. There is no standard understanding of legal authors or authors of laws and regulations.

A legal author is usually a lawyer who understands and understands how to draft legislation and devote himself fully to his work. The legal writer can be called one of the legal professions that is not too well known, but promising, since the profession of the lawyer can be found in various government bodies or in the legislature, for example, in the legal office of the provincial government / city / regency, DPR or DPRD, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and related agencies among them, and so on. Legal writing is a basic concept in the preparation of laws and regulations that include academic manuscripts from scientific studies as well as the first manuscripts of proposed laws and regulations. In the meantime, the formation of laws and regulations is the process of drafting laws and regulations, which begins essentially with planning, preparation, preparation techniques, formulation, discussion of proclamation ratification and dissemination. CV. 081362036600 Complaints: legaliainlangsa@gmail.com training on legislative drafting is one of the activities organized by the Airlangga Center for Legal Writing and Professional Development (ALC). Legislative drafting is a technique of drafting laws and regulations that examines the understanding of the main points of laws and regulations, the basis for the formation of laws and regulations, the hierarchy of drafting laws and regulations and other issues related to the drafting of laws and regulations. This program aims to enable training participants to understand the legal education process. The Center for Legal Studies & Legal Drafting (PSHLD) is a student institution that practices the preparation and revision of legal manuscripts. In general, the definition of the law is an entire norm that is declared by the leader of the community, who is authorized to promulgate the law, or considered as a binding regulation for some or all members of a particular society, with the aim of maintaining a system desired by the leader, training in legal training of resource persons is supported, are experts and experienced in the field of legal version with different and complementary backgrounds. that is, the civil servants, former civil servants, professors, lecturers and lawyers concerned.

Literally, Legal Dafting can be translated freely, is the elaboration of laws and regulations. From a legal point of view, legal drafting is a legal practice that produces regulations, for example; The government has promulgated laws and regulations in Aceh, called Qanun; Agreements/contracts, cooperation and others that bind the parties to the agreement or contract. Although for most graduates of the Faculty of Law not yet familiar enough. Legal Drafter is a potential profession for lawyers. In general, the area of law most synonymous with the legal profession is constitutional law. In its development, however, the complexity of the content of the laws and regulations that are elaborated does not extend only to the field of law, in particular constitutional law. Many aspects are important instruments in the technical design of laws and regulations. Nevertheless, the profession of legal draftsman remains a type of profession that welcomes graduates from the faculty of law with a higher percentage than other disciplines. A legal author must not only understand legal theory, but also understand history and legal systems, have research advantages, be able to write scientifically, have extensive knowledge and all other advantages in order to formulate an effective draft of laws and regulations. This is important so that the regulation is not like in an ivory tower, which, in the end, will not be able to solve the problems that should be regulated. In some cases, for example in divorce cases, a defendant or plaintiff does not need to be accompanied by a lawyer.

But in practice, a client who has more money will choose to use the services of a lawyer. But what about people who can`t afford it? For this reason, I have explained here that you can actually use the services of a legal entity to design a lawsuit, response, response, and duplication in a litigation/divorce petition. Under government, a version of a law is a functional position with a nomenclature of the position, namely the authors of laws and regulations. In order to improve their skills, legal elaboration is first carried out to draft laws and regulations. Legal products created by an author of laws and regulations include: laws, government ordinances, presidential decrees, regional ordinances and ministerial orders, and other regulations within the government, both central and regional. This training in legal writing can be done in the form of an internal training adapted to the needs of those who wish to participate in this training.