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St. Michael`s Hospital is a leading healthcare institution serving the community of Toronto, Ontario. It`s no secret that the healthcare industry is highly regulated, and St. Michael`s Hospital is no exception. One of the crucial aspects in ensuring a positive working environment for healthcare workers is a collective agreement. A collective agreement is an agreement between an employer and a union that outlines the terms and conditions of employment.

The ONA, or the Ontario Nurses` Association, is a union that represents over 68,000 registered nurses and allied healthcare workers in Ontario. The ONA has a collective agreement with St. Michael`s Hospital that governs the terms and conditions of employment for its members.

The ONA collective agreement at St. Michael`s Hospital covers a wide range of topics, from wages and benefits to job security and working hours. Some of the key provisions of the agreement include the following:

Job security: The collective agreement provides job security for ONA members by outlining the process for layoffs, terminations, and redeployment. It also ensures that management will provide a reasonable notice period and severance package in the event of a job loss.

Wages and benefits: The agreement outlines the wages and benefits that ONA members will receive, including salary scales, vacation entitlements, sick leave, and health benefits. It also provides for regular salary increases, which are negotiated between the parties.

Working conditions: The collective agreement sets out the working conditions for ONA members, including work schedules, hours of work, and overtime. It also addresses issues such as workplace safety, harassment, and discrimination.

Grievance and arbitration: The collective agreement provides a process for resolving disputes between management and ONA members through a grievance and arbitration procedure. This ensures that any disputes are resolved in a fair and timely manner.

Overall, the ONA collective agreement at St. Michael`s Hospital plays a vital role in ensuring a positive working environment for ONA members. It establishes clear guidelines for job security, wages and benefits, working conditions, and dispute resolution, which are essential for the well-being of healthcare workers and the delivery of high-quality patient care. As healthcare continues to play a critical role in our society, it is important that collective agreements like this one continue to serve as a framework for fair and equitable employment practices.