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Please say a prayer for cbl, because he was arrested for a crime he did not commit, but was wrongly accused by the person who committed it. His court appearance is this morning. I pray that he will not be found guilty of these charges and that he will be able to continue this fight without psychological harm. I ask everyone reading this to pray for Him and to be in this time of need. I need a lot of prayers, I go through my stress and pain. My son has the court on Monday. Because of the sister. The two forgive each other. She is trying to drop the charges. The Lord is with us, also with my Son. The case was dropped and released. In Jesus` mighty name, Amen. Pray for Gilbert.

Thank you very much!! Mathilde You are raised in prayer today Clinty and I pray that things have changed for you and that you will be in a better position and that you will finally go to St. Lucia came as it was your wish. I ask for prayer in a legal matter. I`ve struggled with shoplifting addiction for most of my adult life. And I was again burdened in a situation that I was trying to do well, but the cashier wouldn`t allow me. I face serious consequences that hurt my children and family more than anything else. I need this addiction removed from my soul. Please pray. Thank you very much.

I will go to court on October 19. I got custody of my children, praised God, and even though I won, I face a new lawsuit and my ex is a lawyer. I saw the Lord justify me for the first time. She mocked my walk with God with the guard ad litem and said her piece. It was difficult and stressful, but the judge cancelled both of their positions and I am very grateful to them. I raised my children with the love of Jesus and did everything I could. I just need a favor because I can`t afford a lawyer and I`m going to face her and Adlitem. I trust the Lord`s decision, but I get so stressed sometimes. Thank you for the prayers Request for prayers for me and others involved in a criminal investigation. Pray that God`s unmerited favor will fall freshly upon every human being. Reject any fear and negative thoughts that the enemy is trying to throw in our way. We are covered with the blood of Jesus, forgiven and redeemed.

Deliverance is on the way in the incomparable and powerful name of Jesus! There is absolutely no situation that is too great for our God. He is moved by faith. Help us in our feeble faith, O Lord. Help us eliminate your limitations. They are able to turn this situation in our favour. Please pray for my husband who has to go to court. He is alone in a foreign country and has little legal advice. This is because our bank account has been blocked and we cannot afford to pay a lawyer. I would also like to ask you to pray for a financial breakthrough so that my husband can come home.

Thank you very much. Amen Prayer very powerful and encouraging. I am facing a dispute and need to pray immediately for the protection of my children. His father is abusive in many ways and will take me to court on Tuesday to try to repossess. He hurts her physically and emotionally. I pray for the protection of my daughters and myself. I pray that the judge will courageously reject his request. I pray that the counsellor will speak with authority and advocate for my daughter`s concerns. I pray for unprecedented favor and courage. I pray that his lies will be exposed.

I pray that his plans will be thwarted. I pray that he will be denied access in order to further harm them. I love these little girls and I want them to be protected! Please pray for my son and my family, my son is accused of a crime that could harm his life and future. We were so nervous and anxious that someone`s fake tongue hurt my house tremendously. As a mother, I know God will fix things, but the mere thought of my son being sent to prison as a teenager is heartbreaking. Please lift us up in prayer when we go to judgment. Our prayer is that all accusations will be rejected and that our family may try to rebuild our lives spiritually, spiritually and financially in the NAME of Jesus. I ask for prayers for myself after being a lottery merchant and I had someone working for me to steal the tickets and now you say I have to pay back 180,000. I don`t have that kind of money.