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In accordance with the directives of the Government of Maharashtra (Division of School Education and Sports) in accordance with Government Decision No: PTA 2010/(347/10) MASH I-2) Dt. of 24 August 2010, our school has adopted the following rules and regulations regarding education, the role of the PTA and elections to the PTA Working Committee (PTA_WC): The quorum for the meeting of the Committee shall be (7) seven and for the other meetings twenty (20). The Executive Committee meets at least 3/4 times a year or more often if necessary. No quorum is required for the adjourned meeting, which was originally postponed due to lack of quorum. Hold courses for students weak in study, special courses in music, dance, painting other visual arts. “It allows the school administration to arbitrarily propose a tuition increase of 15% or more in unforeseen circumstances by obtaining the approval of up to 76% from parents or the PTA committee. This is a management-friendly initiative. It`s vague, with no definition of unforeseen circumstances,” she said, adding that parent groups across the state were planning to vote for NOTA in the 2019 election to protest the decision. We intend to challenge the order in court.

The Board of Directors manages the affairs of the association. k). A suggestion box is kept in the front part of the school. a) All schools must form the PTA within 30 days of the start of the school year. The amendment also allows school administrators to charge late fees with penalty interest. Parents said this clause could be used as leverage to ensure there is no resistance to the increase. However, the government has reserved the right to decide on the level of penalty interest. The role of the PTA will be of great importance in creating transparency in the setting of fees. Similarly, schools that do not specify the fee structure at the time of admission may propose a fee increase, which may not exceed 15%. b).

Suggestions for appropriate programs to support the student week during studies. d). collect information on tuition, semester fees, etc. for educational programs and submit it to the PTA Working Committee. The bill allows parents to pay fees for the whole year or half of the year. Through another clause, the state also authorized lines to indicate the standard rate structure (grades 1 to 10) at the time of admission to students or in part. If the structure is declared in part, the fee structure for the remaining portion must be explained at least one year before the start of the school year. Ø If no parent volunteers to represent a class, the President has the right to nominate/co-opt an appropriate parent for the PTA-WC of that class. Faisal is part of the political team and covers state administration and state policy. It also covers the NCP. See details The structure and operation of the APT will be as follows: Previously, only the executive body of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), composed of parent and teacher representatives, had the right to approve the proposed fee increase.

However, the amendment allows school administrators to increase fees either by approval by the PTA Executive Committee or by a simple majority of parents of 76% of students in unforeseen circumstances. These provisions apply to private schools without support and permanently without support. The bill will now be submitted to the Legislative Council for approval, after which the amendments will come into force. i). The invitation to the PTAWC meeting shall be sent to all members with the agenda in a timely manner. Ø If a parent who has been a member of PTA WC for one year becomes a member again after a one-year break, he or she is considered to have completed two years at the end of the second year, is not entitled to be a member of PTA WC for the next 5 years. c). Assist the school in planning and organizing educational programs related to the curriculum.

If a member is absent continuously for 3 months, his/her membership will be terminated. The state government on Tuesday issued guidelines for the formation of parent-teacher associations (PTAs) in private, grantaided and unsubsidized schools. This government decision (GR) applies to schools that are members of all committees. Sponsor certain programs such as workshops, sports, etc. for students, parents or teachers. Amid the noise surrounding the Maratha Game Reserve, the state Assembly on Monday approved a major amendment to the Maharashtra Educational Institutions (Fee Regulation) Act, which includes new provisions to clarify fee increases in schools. f). The list of WC members must be posted on the PTA bulletin board and on the school website.

g). Support teachers in their work through a keen interest in children`s academic progress and regular check-ups at home.