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Other request triggers may be when the customer sends a bank transfer. if the client returns for other services; or when the client identifies your law firm on social media. Lawyer reputation management can`t be done if you don`t even control your own brand values. This means you need to take control of your brand on the most popular review platforms. A paralegal, assistant or front desk specialist can also be a good emissary for the request for review, especially if the client has dealt personally with this employee and associates him or her with the successful outcome of legal services. Fortunately, more than a dozen states, including Florida, California, Arizona and Colorado, have passed laws to prevent this type of blackmail. Utah, for example, has made it illegal for law enforcement to share booking photos with these types of websites. Georgia and Oregon have passed laws to force these sites to remove passport photos from people whose charges have been dropped or dismissed. For example, when I was doing my research on the reputation of the lawyer, I googled “William Peacock attorney”, “William Peacock attorney”, “William C. Peacock`s law firm”. If you do, you can find your website, Avvo, Yelp, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other local listings like Yahoo and Mapquest. Call us and find out if there are any negative reputational factors affecting your business.

Reputation management services are free for all our clients. Depending on the nature, reputation issues can be handled by different parts of the business, but still need to involve legal and PR teams. Our smart and robust social media management solutions help you drive conversation, optimize customer engagement, and reach your full potential on popular social platforms. What do you do when you want to find a professional product or service? You Google it to search for your options, get contact information, or search for reviews. Legal clients do the same. According to the Legal Trends Report 2021, 82% of legal clients choose their lawyers based on positive online reviews. The contents of this publication are provided for reference purposes only and may not be current at the time of access to this publication. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Specific legal advice about your particular situation should always be obtained separately before taking any action on the basis of this publication. When it comes to the digital space, your reputation is everything.

No matter how powerful or well-known you are, not everyone will have the perfect experience and one bad review can cost you a lot of business. At Digital Law Marketing, Inc., we help our clients manage this online reputation and improve it as needed. In managing the reputation of lawyers, a proactive and effective strategy has several advantages: the best response will be one that takes into account the interests of the people involved and the business objectives of the company, not just the legal situation. An obvious time for a lawyer or legal clerk to request a review might be short after the lawyer has won a case or a settlement has led to a successful conclusion. The customer is probably very happy with the win and ready to write a positive review. Once you`ve chosen your platform, it`s time to build an audience that trusts and protects your firm`s lawyers. Law firm reputation management is an ongoing process. You can counter a bad review with a thoughtful, professional response and several positive reviews. It`s a good idea to be featured in reliable publications that reinforce the reputation lawyers develop in your firm. It`s also a good idea to develop original content on your own company`s website so you can control your company`s narrative. There`s no denying – negative reviews sting. In the game of lawyer reputation management, a negative review looks like a failure, the exact opposite of what you want to achieve.

For an even more reliable reputation as a lawyer, consider using screenshots of public reviews on your site, in addition to reviews that you save separately for your site. Give priority to reviews that contain more specific details over more general or vague notices. To learn how to protect your online reputation if a photo of you exists, read our article How to delete your recognition photo online. Defamation, short for defamation, is the legal term for someone who makes a false statement that destroys another person`s reputation. This type of speech is not protected by the First Amendment. I hope you don`t find red flags, like bad reviews. In this case, your law firm`s reputation management focuses on building your brand from scratch or expanding what already exists without having to limit the damage. Even in a career with important cases, few conversations are more important for a lawyer or law firm than talking about their own business and services, in other words, the lawyer`s reputation. Some guidelines to help you respond to negative reviews in a way that improves your reputation as a lawyer: Even the best, most attentive, and empathetic lawyers who have the best reputation as lawyers in town will one day receive a negative review. As 2021 draws to a close, it`s time to set goals for the new year.

One of the best ways for law firms to attract more clients is to invest in reputation management strategies. When clients search for a lawyer, they don`t just click on the first website that appears in search results and make appointments here and there. Instead, they want to make sure that the law firm or lawyer provides them with the quality services they are looking for. Therefore, they rely on client reviews to determine which law firm to turn to when it comes to their legal problem. Today, more than ever, customer reviews are an essential part of your law firm`s success. Here are some simple reputation management strategies to set your business up for the success of the new year. Reputation management is not new. PR firms have been collecting high fees for decades, with their job of encouraging positive conversations and suppressing negative conversations in public places, from mentions in the media to word of mouth. Consider – a chaotic defamation lawsuit could attract a lot of attention, including negative press. The trial becomes a public matter. The incriminating examination may ultimately be cleaned up, but not the public stain the lawyer might suffer – the reputation of a lawyer who tends to sue former clients.

If you won the case, it`s hard to imagine that a customer would be unhappy. But you never know, especially if the legal service in question involved the preparation or review of documents, something less dramatic than “guilty” or “not guilty.” But media attention doesn`t have to be negative – the right response can have a positive impact on a company`s reputation and provide an opportunity to showcase its brand and values. You will see that each of your sample queries returns different results.